Assigning HII drivers

By default, HII autodetects the correct drivers for a device by using drivers from your driver repository (Creating a driver repository). However, HII sometimes has problems choosing the right driver because there are multiple matches for a device or the drivers don't match well. If this happens, use the HII Assign dialog box to customize HII driver detection and assignments.

When you install Endpoint Manager agents on a computer, the agents send that computer's HII driver detection information to the core server. That computer model is then available in the HII Driver Management dialog box, where you can preview and customize HII driver detection for that model.

When manually assigning HII drivers, you can use a mix of manually-assigned and auto-detected drivers.

There are three ways you can customize HII driver detection and installation:

  • .inf File: Select specific driver .inf files found in your driver library.
  • Driver Package: Select software distribution packages that can install drivers.
  • Auto Detection: Select a device and preview HII driver detection for it. You can then assign new drivers manually from your library if necessary.
To assign a driver to hardware for use in HII
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > HII Driver Management.
  2. Click the Assign toolbar button.
  3. Select the Make and Model of the hardware.
  4. Select the OS and Architecture to associate with the driver.
  5. Select the driver source you want, either .inf File, Driver Package, or Auto Detection, and customize that source.