Run a report

When you run a report, the report viewer displays the data as a preview of the printed page or as continuous data. You can change views and formats in the viewer. You can also change report parameters to select a subset of the data.

  1. Click Tools > Reporting / Monitoring > Reports. To use reports in the Web console, click Reports under the Reporting group.
  2. In the Reports tool, select a folder from the Reports tree structure and find the report you want.
  3. Double-click the report.

    The report preview dialog box opens. Some reports have configurable parameters that let you select a subset of data for the report. If there are no default parameters, you need to enter at least one (such as specifying a device name) or there will be no data in the report.

  4. If there are parameters you can choose, specify the parameters you want.
  5. Click View report.
  6. To view details of any portion of a chart, click that area of the chart. The view changes to the section of the report with the data represented in that area of the chart.
  7. On report pages, click column arrows to sort data by that column.
  8. Use buttons on the toolbar to search for data, export the data in a different format, print the report, and so on.
  9. When you have finished, close the preview browser window.

NOTE: When you select devices using the Device parameter, no wildcard is used. Type any number of characters that are common in the device names you want to select, and click View report. All device names with that string of characters will be included in the report.

Additonal reporting information