Generate antivirus reports

Antivirus information is represented by several reports in the Reports tool. These reports provide useful information about antivirus scan activity and status for scanned devices on your network.

In order to access the Reports tool, and generate and view reports, a user must have the Ivanti Administrator right (implying full rights) or the specific Reporting roles.

For more information about using the Reports tool, see Using reports.

Viewing antivirus information in the Executive Dashboard

You can also view antivirus scan information in the Ivanti web console Executive Dashboard. This data is useful in identifying virus outbreaks and to show antivirus protection over time.

Ivanti Antivirus-specific widgets show:

  • Top five viruses detected (in the past 10 days or weeks)
  • Managed devices infected with viruses (in the past 10 days or weeks)
  • Percentage gauge of managed devices with real-time protection enabled
  • Percentage gauge of managed devices with up-to-date virus definitions