Issues Fixed Service Desk and Asset Manager 2018.1

Problem Number

Problem Description


Inbound Mail cannot create users if another user already exists with the same name


Data import mappings with default values set and Creation Date on the window sets the wrong date


Using an automatic action to create a new process fails if the process template is not attached to the default process


Enabling FIPS causes knowledge and/or service catalog index rebuilds to fail with a 'type initializer' error in the event log


When creating a new Request through Service Catalog, if the Requestor has an accent character in the title the text in the Raise User field will not render correctly


HTML attributes do not update protection levels via a windows Calculation in Web Desk


When a soft deleted CI record is returned in a query, an unhandled exception error is seen when trying to launch the soft deleted record from the query results


Security vulnerability in Workspaces


Attribute labels placed above their corresponding attributes do not show in Web Access when a dynamic window calculation is used to show or hide the attribute


Workspaces does not use the same query attach and detach action set in Object Designer


Calendar gadget in Web Access will not display anything if a user included in the selection have either ' (single quote) and/or " (double quote) in its Full Name (i.e. User.Title)


Non-partitioned Collection Items cannot be opened, via History or collection tab, if referencing process Object has been partitioned


INT32/16 with min value set blocks legit value entries starting with different digit than min value setting


Deletion of obsolete and un-used Processes and windows in TEST system, lead to an Foreign Key constraint error when syncing TEST-to-LIVE (FOREIGN KEY constraint "fkey$tps_privilege$item")


Save confirmation window will be shown when referenced CI is been opened via label link on a form


Web Access can send the wrong date format when initiating LDMS software deployments


When a multi attachment attribute is used on a Service Catalog item window, and the shopping cart is enabled, the attachment data is not written to the database


Mails with no Body create Exception


When printing a record from Web Access with an HTML field on the window, the field does not expand to accommodate all of the contents within the HTML field


Unable to launch drop-down results from search gadgets when using Chrome


Dynamic window calculations are not triggered when running from an update action window


Updating variation attributes using copy rules does not trigger the update to the response level per the SLA matrix


In 2017.3, when using the Service Catalog via Workspaces, copy rules are not initially functioning when filling out a request


Search gadgets lose focus after you start typing


Sessions of users do not get deleted when logout function on Workspaces is used, leading to concurrent license error message


Scheduled data imports will not update a user record if the latest update to the record was done by that user (e.g. an analyst changes their current group in Web Access)


Using double quotes to search in a workspaces gadget for a specific phrase returns no results


Calculations that have a relationship set as a dependency no longer fire when the relationship is updated


Can't save in workspaces if a category with mandatory depth is populated by a copy rule


Record cannot be saved or collection action cannot be run when User has Japanese culture and read/write date is on the window


Localization is not working for titles of link gadgets in Workspaces


Inbound email throws "Object reference..." error on emails with either no Subject Header, Body, or a embedded attached messages with no subject header


HTML links (either direct URL or applink) in Report Templates are not working correctly in Web Access for CI


When adding new translation (e.g. Title) to an existing Query Gadget, the existing translations for the query get lost/overwritten


Unnecessary exception when testing connection string leads to performance impairment


Once added, CC Recipient Container behavior could not be removed on Object when behavior no longer necessary. Removing Add CC recipient action on Process Status leads to multiple incidents being created per email with CC recipients.


File Whitelist is case sensitive, so all allowed file extensions and their case types need to be added (8 entries per 3 character file extension)


The user is being logged automatically out when clicking on 'My Profile' in Workspaces, when the user has the Network Login added and there is Hotfix SU 1 installed


When using IE, attachments attached to a record in Web Access/Self Service or Workspaces display the full file path of the attachment

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