Applying your Ivanti license

Before you can use Ivanti Service Desk or Asset Manager, you need to apply the license that is e-mailed to you. The following procedure describes how to apply the license using the Ivanti Console.

To apply the Ivanti license:
  1. Save the license file attached to the e-mail to your computer.
    The license file has an extension of .tpc.
  2. Start the Ivanti Console and log in as SA.
    The default password is administrator.
  3. From the shortcut bar, start the License Maintenance component.
  4. Click next to License File.
    The Browse dialog appears.
  5. Browse for the *.tpc file that was e-mailed to you.
    The license file is selected.
  6. Click Upload.
    The license is uploaded and applied. The View License Content fields update.

If your Service Desk or Asset Manager system contains more analysts that are allocated a fixed license than your license file allows, the license is still applied. However, you will need to change the user license allocation before any analysts allocated a fixed license can log in.