Planning your installation

Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager comprise a number of separate applications and services that you need to install. In most circumstances, these will need installing to different locations. The following section will help you to plan your installation.

More details about the installation and configuration are provided after the description of the standard installation.

Before you start your installation, make sure that the platforms you are going to use (including operating systems, databases, and e-mail systems) are on the list of supported platforms available from Ivanti.

Also refer to the Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager Technical Specification and Architecture document.

Typically, you will need the following servers:

1 – Database server.
2 – Web server: Service Desk Framework (the core application service for Service Desk and Asset Manager), Ivanti Web Access (the delivery platform for the Service Desk and Asset Manager web applications), and Ivanti Workspaces (Ivanti's responsive web architecture).
We recommend that you use the Ivanti Configuration Center to create separate application pools in IIS for Web Access and the remaining Web Server applications.
3 – Application Services server: Background service, Knowledge Management engine, Mail services, and so on. Also includes an instance of the Service Desk Framework to handle communication between the services and the database.
4 – Analysts' client computers: Ivanti Console, web browser to access Ivanti Web Access applications. These clients communicate with the database through the Service Desk Framework on the Web server.
5 – Mobile devices: web browser or app to access Ivanti Workspaces.

The clients connect to the database through the Service Desk Framework on the Ivanti Web server, whereas the application services connect through the Service Desk Framework on the Ivanti Application Services server.

For very small systems or test systems, you can use a single server for everything; for larger systems, you might choose to add additional servers so that you can distribute the load more. The rest of this document describes setting up Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager on the system architecture described above.