Novell Integration

You can integrate Service Desk and Asset Manager with Novell if required. This enables you to use integrated login using your Novell authentication.

In addition to specifying whether you want to use Integrated Login when you installed Service Desk or Asset Manager, there are a number of steps that you have to follow to fully integrate Service Desk and Asset Manager.

To integrate the Console with Novell V7:
  1. Install Service Desk or Asset Manager, and ensure that you select the Integrated Login option.
  2. On each client, install Novell_Client_4.91_SP2_English.exe and Nwsess.ocx.
  3. Register Nwsess.ocx.
  4. Copy and paste link.jar from the LANDesk\Service Desk\Console folder into the same path on the workstation(s) where ConsoleOne is installed.

This Novell snapin affects the launch of ConsoleOne. For more information, see the ZENworks and CA Unicenter Integration technical information document on the Novell website (TID2962200).

  1. Start the Console, then on the Settings menu, click System.
  2. Under the Login Settings group, alongside the Is Novell Client property, select True.
  3. Alongside the Login Policy property, select either All or Integrated Only.

If you select All, then integrated login is tried first, and if the login information for that user is not those specified for the client computer, then manual login is available. If you select Integrated Only, you must ensure that the user and client computer information are the same.

You now need to set up each user so that their Novell information is recorded. For more information, see User Management.