Setting the Crystal Reports DSN

The Server installation of Ivanti Service Desk and Asset Manager installs a number of Crystal Reports, along with an application that enables you to set the DSN for all of your Crystal Reports and their associated sub-reports.

To set the Crystal Reports DSN:
  1. From the ..\Program Files\LANDesk\Service Desk\Reports folder, run CrystalReportsDSNSetter.exe.
    The Set Crystal Reports DSN dialog appears.

  1. Browse to the folder where your reports are stored, complete the data source details, then click Run.
    The DSN for all of the reports in the selected folder, and their sub-reports, is set.

Setting the Crystal Reports data source location for reports that contain subreports

The Set Crystal Reports DSN utility does not support setting the data source location for reports that contain subreports (for example, the supplied Task.rpt). For these reports, you need to use Crystal Reports to set the data source location both for the report itself and any subreports inside the report. In Crystal Reports, from the Database menu, click Set Datasource Location. Update the Datasource Location for the report and all of the subreports.

For more information, see the documentation supplied with Crystal Reports and the Ivanti Community web site.