Silent installation

You can install Service Desk and Asset Manager clients silently from a command line by typing:

setup.exe /s InstallDir="directory" ServerName="server" ApplicationName="name" Language="code" Feature="Client"

Where the parameters following /s (apart from Feature="Client") are optional:

The silent installer also installs any pre-requisites (such as .NET, WSE and Crystal runtimes).

Example silent installations

To install to the default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Service Desk), and use the Service Desk Framework at http://localhost/ServiceDesk.Framework, type:

Setup.exe /s Feature="Client"

To install in German to E:\Service Desk using a Service Desk Framework called LDSD.Framework on a server called Server001, type:

Setup.exe /s InstallDir="E:\Service Desk" ServerName="Server001" ApplicationName="LDSD.Framework" Language="de-DE" Feature="Client"