Applying an update to Service Desk 2018.3

Going forward, we are changing the way in which we provide updates to Service Desk and Asset Manager. Instead of there being a new release every six months or so, and you having to wait for new features or fixes, we are going to release updates whenever they are ready. Each update will be cumulative, and you can always apply the latest one to your 2018.3 installation. Any urgent fixes you require in future will be provided in the latest update.

You can get the latest update from the Ivanti Community. The file version number for an updated version of 2018.3 is 12.2.

Watch a related video (2:21)

To apply the latest update:
  1. If you are not running V2018.3, upgrade to this version.

For information, see Overview to upgrading to Service Desk or Asset Manager 2018.3.

  1. Back up your database, and make sure all users are logged out.
  2. Get the latest update installer from the Ivanti Community, and run it on each of your servers.
  3. On the Welcome dialog of the update installer, click Update.
  4. The update installs.
  5. Using the Configuration Center, run the Upgrade against your database.

For information about upgrading your database, see Upgrade the database (all versions).

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