Hiding inactive processes

Sometimes you can have many inactive processes in Process Designer. To make it easier to see the processes you are interested in, you can now mark individual inactive processes to be hidden, and then toggle showing or hiding the hidden processes.

To hide and show inactive processes:
  1. In Process Designer, select the inactive process that you want to hide.
  2. In the Actions list, click Hide Inactive Process.
    The process is hidden.
  3. Repeat for other inactive processes that you want to hide.
    You can now switch between showing and hiding the processes that you have marked as hidden.
  4. To show and hide inactive processes that you have marked as hidden, select the required business object in the Processes tree, then in the Actions list, click Show Hidden Processes or Do Not Show Hidden Processes, as appropriate.
    The hidden processes for the object are shown or hidden, as appropriate.
  5. When you have shown the hidden processes, you can select them in the Processes tree and click Unhide Process in the Actions list.
    The process is no longer hidden when you click the Do Not Show Hidden Processes action.