On demand calculations

You can add a button to a window that provides the result of a calculation without committing the value to the database. This is particularly useful if you have a field on a window that is determined using a scheduled calculation, and you want to be able to see what the value would be if the scheduled calculation were to run now.

To enable on demand calculations:
  1. In Window Manager, open the window that includes the calculated attribute.
  2. Expand the Controls tree.
  3. Add a Button control to the window, and place it next to the calculated field.
  4. Expand the Attributes tree.
  5. Select the button control, then in the Property grid, set Is calculate on demand to True.
    The button changes to a calculator icon.
  6. In the Calculation Attribute list, select the attribute that you want to be calculated when the analyst clicks the button, then click .
    The window is saved.

When an analyst clicks on the window, a message box appears showing what the value of the attribute would be if the calculation were run.