Scheduled calculations

You can schedule the calculations on a business object to run and update their results in the database at set intervals. For example, you could implement some basic asset depreciation by multiplying an asset's value by 0.9 every quarter.

To schedule a calculation:
  1. In the Schedule Manager component, expand the Bulk Action Management tree.

You might need to add the Schedule Manager component to the Shortcut Bar.

  1. In the Bulk Action Management tree, click the Schedules folder, then in the Actions list, click New Scheduled Bulk Action.
  2. Type a Name and Description for the schedule.
  3. In the Schedule group, specify when you want the schedule to next run, and how frequently you want it to run.
  4. Select the Module and Business Object that the calculations you want to schedule are based on.
  5. Select the relevant Query from the list.

Only those items returned in the selected query will have calculations applied to them.

  1. In the Scheduled Action Type list, select Perform Calculation.

If you leave the schedule like this, then ALL calculations on the selected business object will run according to this schedule. You can, however, specify which calculations you want to follow this schedule.

  1. To specify which calculations you want to follow the schedule, click Calculations.
    The Select calculation attributes that you want calculated dialog appears.
  2. In the Available Calculation Attributes list, select the attributes that you want to calculate according to the schedule, then click .
    The attribute is added to the Selected Calculation Attributes list.
  3. Click OK.
    The Select calculation attributes that you want calculated dialog closes and the attribute is set to be calculated according to the schedule you have set.
  4. Click to save the schedule.