Creating new ordered lists

You can create business objects that store values in an ordered list, for example Severity, Urgency, and so on. You can change the order in which these items appear in the list using the Administration component.

For more information about maintaining ordered lists, see the Administrator Guide.

When you create an object for a new ordered list, you need to select a behavior during the creation of the object. You can select this behavior only during the initial creation of the object.

To create a new ordered list object:
  1. On the Business Objects tree of the Object Designer component, select the relevant module folder, then on the Actions list, click New Business Object.
    The Behavior Selection message appears, asking if you would like to specify a behavior.
  2. Click Yes.
    The Behavior Selection dialog appears.
  3. In the Available Items list, select Ranked (Creation Only), then click .
    Ranked (Creation Only) moves to the Selected Items list.
  4. Click OK.
    The object is created.
  5. Add the required attributes and properties as usual, then click .
    The ordered list object is saved, and a new branch appears in the Ordered Lists tree in the Administration component.

You need to create a window definition for the new object before you can populate the ordered list.