Creating a window from within Object Designer

If you have created or modified a business object, you may find it useful to create a new window based upon that business object.

Creating a window using the New Window Wizard is described fully in Creating a window using the Window Wizard.

To create a new window from within Object Designer:
  1. Start the Object Designer component.
  2. On the Business Objects tree, select the required business object, then on the Actions list, click New Window Wizard.

The New Window Wizard starts, and the Details Group Box Contents page appears. Notice that a number of items are pre-selected. You can remove these from the Selected list as required.

  1. From the Available list, add the attributes that you want to appear on the window to the Selected list.

You can do this in two ways: double-clicking the required attributes, or using the button. You can change the order in which the attributes appear within the group box using the Up and Down arrows.

  1. Click Next.
    The Status Group Box Contents page appears.
  2. Select the required attributes, then click Next.
    The Collections page appears. Collections are one-to many related attributes. For example, Notes, Assignments and so on.
  3. If required, add the relevant collections to the Selected list, then click Finish.
    The window is created and the Window Manager component opens in a new window.

For information about configuring your window, see Window Manager.