Specifying which items of a process are audited

You can configure what is recorded in the Audit Trail by specifying that certain attributes are Auditable. To do this, you use the Object Designer component.

We recommend that you do not specify too many attributes are Auditable, as this may impact the performance of your system. Select the pertinent attributes, for example, Priority or Category, as it may be useful to know when the Priority or Category of your process changes. Description is less important in Auditable terms.

To specify which attributes are audited:
  1. Start the Object Designer component, and open the required business object, for example, Incident.
  2. On the Attributes list, select the required attribute, for example Category.
  3. In the Properties grid, alongside the Is Auditable? property, select True.
  4. Repeat as required, then click .
    Now, when the category of the Incident is changed, it is recorded in the Audit Trail.

You can export the Audit Trail.