Adding your process to the shortcut bar

Once you have created and activated your process, you will then want to make it available to the required users.

To add a process to the shortcut bar:
  1. Right-click the Shortcut Bar, then click Add Component.
    The Component Maintenance dialog appears.
  2. In the Select Component list, select Workspace.
  3. Specify a Title for your process, for example Incident.
    The Title can be up to 64 characters long.
  4. Alongside the Launch As New Window property, select True if you want a new instance of the console to appear when you click this component on the Shortcut bar. Select False if you want to open it within the current console.
  5. Alongside the Module Name property, select the module that contains the process you have just created, for example Incident Management.
  6. Alongside the Business Object Name property, select the name of the relevant business object, for example, Incident.
  7. Alongside the Process Name property, select the name of the process you have just created, for example, HRIncident.
  8. If you are creating the shortcut just for your own use, select the Private Shortcut item check box.
  9. If you want the process to be available in Web Desk as well as in the console, select the Create this Group for Web Desk also check box.
  10. Click OK.
  11. The process is added to the shortcut bar. When a user clicks this, a new instance of the process is created.