Copying and modifying an existing process

You are provided with a number of predefined processes. If you find that you do not need to create a new process, you can make a copy of the existing ones and modify the copy to suit your organization's work practices.

To copy an existing process:
  1. In Process Designer, expand the Processes tree.
  2. Select the process you want to copy, then on the Actions menu, click Copy Process.
    A deactivated copy of the current process appears in the Processes tree.

If you are using Asset Manager, and you are copying a Configuration Item process, you can select which Target Business Object you want to copy the process to. This enables you to create a copy of a Configuration Item process for a different CI type.

  1. Make the required changes, then click .

Modifying an existing process

Alternatively, you can create a new process and modify it later on. You can modify only deactivated processes. This ensures that you do not disrupt users by making a change to the process they are currently using.

If you want to use a supplied process as a template, we recommend that you first copy the process, then make changes to the copy. You cannot make changes to an active process.

To modify an existing process:
  1. In Process Designer, select the process you want to modify, then on the Actions list, click Deactivate Process.
  2. Make the required changes, then click .

You must activate the process before your users can access it using the Activate Process action.