Including runtime values in text strings

If you add a calculation or a Value Type to a text field in a window for an assignment or an automatic action, no other text can be added to that field. However, you can include a place holder for an attribute as part of a longer string in a text field, and this will be populated with the appropriate value at runtime. For example, you can include the Incident ID as part of the details of a reminder to send an e-mail to an end-user to inform them that an incident has been logged for them.

To add a place holder for an attribute in an automatic reminder or assignment:
  1. In Process Designer, double-click the required Reminder or Assignment's automatic action from the process diagram.
    The window for the action appears.
  2. Type the text that you want to appear, then right-click where you want the runtime value to appear and click Insert place holder.
    The Pick Attribute Path dialog appears.
  3. Select the required attribute path, then click OK.
    The place holder you selected is added to the text field in {curly brackets}. This text will be replaced by the appropriate runtime value when the action runs.

You can truncate the string that is returned by a place holder by adding a colon followed by a number inside the closing bracket.
For example, {Title:15} displays the value from the Title field truncated to 15 characters.