Process Approver

You can use Process Approver to send an e-mail automatically to a specific person as a result of an automatic assignment or a reminder. The e-mail contains a link that takes the user to the relevant process in Web Access. The procedure below describes how to configure Process Approver for an assignment.

To configure Process Approver:
  1. On the Settings menu, click System.
  2. Within the Process Approver settings, alongside the Enter the Web Access Process Approver URL property, type:

Where <server> is the name of the web server and <WebAccess> the name of the virtual directory for Web Access.

You must ensure that the URL is typed exactly as written above using the exact character casing and with no spaces.

  1. In Process Designer, open the required process, and from the Toolbox, add an Assignment to your process.
    The Assignment window automatically appears.
  2. Specify the relevant Analyst, Group or Role.
  3. Select the Notify Assignee or Notify Originator check box (or both).
  4. Type the required Title, for example, Please authorize change.
  5. In the Details box, type the required message. For example:
    Please authorize Change {Id}. Click the link below to authorize.

The {Id} placeholder in the example above is the Name attribute of the object, not the Title attribute.

  1. In addition to the message, you must add the following to the Details box, so that the user can click it to authorize the relevant process.

Again, this must be typed exactly as written.

If you are creating a Task Assignment, include {Change/Id} in the Details box to inform the user of the parent process. You may also want to add the Change ID attribute to the Task window. For more information about adding attributes to a window, see Adding controls to a window.

  1. Save the changes that you have made and activate your process.