Manual actions

Manual actions are steps that users must manually complete in order to progress the process to the next status, such as completing a Task or similar. Standard actions do not dictate which information gets recorded. For example, you can specify that users must assign the process at a specific stage, but they can choose to whom the assignment is made.

In Process Designer, manual actions are blue, and automatic actions are green.

For information about automatic actions, see Automatic actions. For information about assignments, see Assignments.

If you want to dictate what choice is made at a particular point in the process, consider using automatic actions, or automatic assignments.

When you add an action to a process, you specify which window appears at that stage in the process. Users must specify the relevant information before they can progress to the next stage.

If you are using parent-child linking, then you can specify that the action that you are adding to the process will be propagated to all child items.