Configuring the List panel

You can configure the appearance of the data that appears in the List panel. You make the required changes on the Attribute Properties dialog.

For each attribute you can:

The following procedure tells you how to modify attributes using the Attribute Properties dialog. You can also modify attributes from the Query tree, by right-clicking the attribute, and selecting the relevant options.

To configure the List panel:
  1. Open the relevant query.
  2. On the Query tree, click Attributes.
    The Attributes & Preview page appears.

  1. In the Selected Attributes list, right-click the relevant attribute, then click Properties.
    The Attribute Properties dialog appears.
  2. Make the required changes, then click OK.

If you want to check the appearance of the data that will appear in the List panel, click Test Query. A set of data from your database appears on the Attributes & Preview page. To end the test and return to the Query and Report Designer, click End Test.

  1. Click Finish.
    The Save Query dialog appears.
  2. Click Yes to save the changes you have made.