Performing a bulk action on a set of query results

You can perform bulk actions on the results of a query by clicking Bulk Action in the Actions list. For example, you can add a note to many Incidents at one time, or stop the clock for a number of changes and so on.

The bulk action ignores any additional filters after running the query, but is applied to the original query results list. If you want to use bulk action on a query results list that you have modified, first save the modified query.

You can perform bulk actions immediately, or you can schedule when you want them to occur. You may choose to schedule bulk actions if you are applying an action to a large number of items.

We recommend that if you are performing a bulk action on a large number of items, that you schedule it to take place overnight using Schedule Manager so as not to disrupt other users of the system.

To schedule a bulk action:
  1. In Ivanti Console, start the Schedule Manager component.
  2. Display the Bulk Action Management tree.
    Schedule Bulk Action button
  3. In the Actions tree, click New Scheduled Bulk Action.
    The schedule page appears.
  4. Type a Name and Description for the scheduled report.
  5. In the Schedule group box, specify the data and time that you want the bulk action to run, and, if required, its Recurrence.
  6. In the Bulk Action group box, select the required Module, then the Business Object, and then the Query you want to use.
  7. Select Run Action, then in the Action list, select the action that you want to run.
  8. Set the Bulk Action Results to keep, then click .

Each time a scheduled bulk action runs, it keeps a record of the results of the bulk action under the Console folder in the Bulk Action Management tree. This record reports a lot of information, including when the bulk action ran, the number of records it processed, and information on every record that succeeded and failed. After a while, a large number of these reports can be generated, which can negatively affect the performance of your system. For this reason, the Bulk Action Results to keep field enables you to configure how many of these reports you want to keep. By default, ten are kept and you must keep at least one. The Background Service deletes any additional results each time it processes a scheduled bulk action.