Prompting users to provide criteria when the query is run

You can design queries so that the user is asked to provide specific criteria when they run the query. For example, you could design a query that displays all incidents, but prompts the user to select the incident status, so that with a single query design users can display lists of open incidents, resolved incidents, and so on.

To use add a prompt to a query:
  1. Open the required query in Query and Report Designer, then click Criteria in the Query tree.
    The Criteria page appears.
  2. In the Current Criteria list, select the criterion that you want to prompt for, then click Modify.
    The Criteria dialog appears.
  3. Select the Prompt user to specify value check box.
    The Description box becomes available.
  4. In the Description box, type the text that you want to appear as a prompt on the prompt dialog when the query is run, then click OK.
  5. Save the changes to the query.

If you don't type a Description on the Criteria dialog, the prompt dialog for the query displays the name of the attribute that is stored in the database.

If you do type a Description, the prompt dialog for the query replaces the name of the attribute with the Description.