System queries

When you create a query, you can specify whether it is a system-wide query and is available to everyone, or whether it is just for you. Only you can access your personal queries.

If you modify a system query, we recommend that you save it by another name, as any modifications are system-wide. To save the query, on the Query and Reports tree, right-click the name of the query, then click Copy Query.

We recommend that you create a new shortcut group to store the system-wide queries.

For information about creating a new shortcut group, see Adding a new shortcut group.

Adding system queries to the shortcut bar

There are a number of predefined queries for you to either use as they are, or as a basis to creating your own queries. These queries are available to all users.

To add a system query to the shortcut bar:
  1. In Query and Report Designer, on the Actions list, click Add Existing Query to Group.
    The Add Existing dialog appears.
  2. In the System or User list, select System.
  3. In the Query or Report list, select Query.
    A list of system queries appears.
  4. Alongside the required queries, select their check boxes.
  5. Select the shortcut group in which you want them to appear.
  6. Click OK.
    The queries are added to the shortcut bar.