Maintaining dashboards for other users

If you have the Maintain System Dashboard privilege, you can create and update dashboards for other users using the Dashboard Designer.

To maintain a dashboard for another user:
  1. On the Dashboard Pages tree, select the Other Users' Personal Dashboards folder, then on the Actions list, click Maintain Dashboards for another User.
    The Select User dialog appears.
  2. In the Search using list, select the attribute that you want to search by, then in the next box, start typing the value you are searching for.
    The list below updates with matching records.

Any dashboards that the selected user already has are listed at the bottom of the dialog.

  1. Select the user you want to maintain dashboards for, then click OK.
    A folder for the user, containing their current dashboards, appears on the Dashboard Pages tree. You can now maintain this user's dashboards in the same way as any other dashboards.

The dashboards are immediately available to the other user, and do not need publishing.

To remove the user from your Dashboard Pages tree, select the user in the tree, then in the Actions list, click Remove this User from my designer.

You can also choose who a dashboard is created for when you use the New Personal Dashboard or New System Dashboard actions. The New Dashboard Page dialog contains a group called Created For, where you specify that the new dashboard is for Me, Everyone, or a Specific User.