Using Console dashboards in Web Access

You can make dashboards that you have created using the Dashboard Designer available in Web Access.

Dashboards that contain panels or controls that have no corresponding Web Access gadget do not appear in the dashboard that is made available in Web Access. For example, Stack Bar charts and Gauges do not appear in Web Access dashboards. Similarly, Shortcut panels will include only those types of shortcut that are available in Web Access: that is shortcuts to processes, queries, and web links.
Multiple-panel controls are displayed as the individual gadgets in Web Access, so the title of the Multiple panel does not appear in Web Access.

To make Console dashboards available in Web Access:
  1. In the Dashboard Pages tree, click a folder, then in the Actions list, click Make available in Web Access.
    The Dashboard Migration dialog appears.
  2. In the tree, select the dashboards that you want to make available in Web Access, then click OK.
    Web Access versions of the dashboards are saved and become available in the list of pre-defined dashboards in Web Access.

For information about adding dashboards to Web Access (including those pre-defined in the Dashboard Designer), see the Ivanti Web Access Administrator Guide.

You can make a single dashboard available in Web Access by selecting it in the Dashboard Pages tree, then clicking Make available in Web Access in the Actions list.

Changes made to a dashboard in the Dashboard Designer do not appear automatically in the corresponding Web Access dashboard – you need to repeat the procedure above.