Modifying the style of a Count panel

You can modify the style of a count panel, for example, to include a bar as part of the count display.

To modify the style properties of a Count panel:
  1. On the Panel Properties dialog, click the Style Properties tab.
  2. Select the Show Count as Bar check box.
    The remaining attributes become available.
    Inside Bar – the count number appears inside the bar.

Outside – the count number appears outside the bar.

Do not show count result – just the bar is shown, with no count.

If you select Inside Bar, and you choose to make changes to the background and text color, then you must remember to ensure that the count is visible.

  1. In the Bar Colors group box, set the Back and Text Colors as required, by clicking the and selecting the required colors, the same as you did on the Panel Properties dialog.

If you think that your color combinations are not suitable, click Default to return to the default color settings, and you can start again.


If you select...



Show Border around bar,

a black border is added around the bar. You can modify this color as required.


Display Column Headers,

the Query and Count are shown.

By default, you can see both horizontal and vertical grid lines on the Count Panel. Select one of the following options:
Horizontal (Row)
Vertical (Column)

  1. Click OK.

You can double-click a bar to bring up the Query Results list for that query.