Exporting designs from your database with Design Transfer

You can export and import specific user-defined items from your database design. You can export:

If you export...

then automatically...

a window,

all of the user defined business objects, attributes and queries are also exported.

a group or role,

all of the privileges associated with that group or role are also exported.

a process,

all of the user defined business objects, and attributes are exported.

a category,

all of its parent categories are selected.

an ordered list or reference list,

only the selected item(s) are selected.


all of the queries defined in that dashboard are also exported.

You export these items (such as windows, business objects, processes and so on) from the database in the same way. You can apply the following procedure to any export.

Items exported and imported using Design Transfer also include any related localized text. For information about creating a multilingual system, see Creating a multilingual system.