Processes dictate what a user can do and when. Using the Process Designer, you can create any number of processes to suit your business practices. For example, you can create change requests, literature requests, complaints processes, and so on. Anything within your company that has a predefined order of doing things is suitable to use as the basis for a new process. To illustrate a simple process, the diagram below describes a process for a vacation request.

Before an employee can take paid time off, they submit a request to their manager, who can either accept or deny the request. If the manager denies the vacation request, the request goes back to the employee to possibly amend and resubmit. If the manager accepts the request, it is passed to the director for final authorization.


1. Employee initiates a vacation request

2a. Manager validates vacation request

2b. Manager rejects vacation request

3. Director authorizes vacation request

For information about creating processes and using the Process Designer, see Process Designer.