Initially, default terminology, window layouts and database structures are used. However, using a combination of the Designers, you can easily change the appearance of your system at any time, so that it can grow and evolve along with your company practices.

You can create any number of windows, and add any available attribute for the selected business object.


Items such as Notes, Tasks, and so on link to items such as Changes and Problems in a one-to-many relationship known as a collection. In Web Access, collections appear on an object's window as tabs at the bottom; in windows in Ivanti Workspaces they appear in an expandable accordion control at the bottom. You can also add queries to a window, and these will also appear with the collections.

For information about creating or modifying windows and using the Window Manager, see Window Manager.

The collection tabs display data linked to the item that you are working on. From the list, you can create, modify and delete items. Depending upon the way your system is configured, you can preview the data contained within the list.