Adding paged lists to a window

A paged list enables you to select many items and copy them to a specific attribute on your window. For example, on a Change Details window, you may want to add the Title of many configuration items to the Details control. You can do this by adding a paged list control. You select the configuration items that you want to add and then click Copy. The items are then copied into the Details control.

If there is already an existing value in that attribute, it will be replaced by these items.

To add a paged list to a window:
  1. Start Window Manager, and open the required window.
  2. Expand the Controls tree (), select List, then click in the Window Editor and drag to the required size.
  3. Expand the Properties grid ().
  4. Alongside the Query property, select the query that you want to use to populate the list.

You may not have a query that matches your requirements, so you may need to create a new one.

We recommend that you add a group box to contain your list control, as the control contains paging and searching buttons. It is good practice to group these items together so that your users know which buttons to use with each control. For example, by default, when you add a set of option buttons, a group box is automatically added to it. This also happens when you add a Browse and Open control.

  1. Add a group box if required.

You will need to specify some handlers to enable you to select more than one item from the paged list control. To do this, you need to add the required entries to your console.exe.config file. For more information, see Adding a button to a window.

  1. Ensure that you have made the changes to your console.exe.config file.
  2. Start the console, and restart the Window Manager component.
  3. On the Window Editor, select the Paged list control, then expand the Properties grid.
  4. Alongside the Handlers property, click .
    A dialog appears.
  5. On the Available Handlers list, expand the ClientListApplicationLogic node, and add all of the handlers listed below that node to the Configured Handlers list by selecting them and clicking , or by double-clicking them.
    The handlers that you should have in the Configured Handlers list are:
    GotoPage(IClientList) Get Page
    OnFirstPage (IClientList) Get First Page
    On Initialise (IClientList) Initialise
    OnItemsSelected (IClientList) Selected
    OnLastPage (IClientList) Get Last Page
    OnNextPage (IClientList) Get Next Page
    OnPreviousPage (IClientList) Get Previous Page
    Search (IClientList) Click
  6. Click OK.
  7. On the Properties grid, alongside the Copy List To property, select the attribute that you want to copy the items that you select to.
  8. Click .

It is a good idea to test your window by clicking Test Window on the Actions list, so that you can see that you have the size of the control large enough to ensure that you can see all of the available items.

  1. Click End Test.

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