Adding Date/Time controls to a window

Date and Time controls may require additional information to be specified when you add the control to a window.

To add a Date/Time control to a window, you must have first created the relevant attribute or attributes (for example a start time and end time) using the Object Designer. For more information, see Persistence types.

To add a Date/Time control to a window:
  1. Ensure you have created the required date attribute(s) for the relevant business object. For more information, see Persistence types.
  2. Start the Window Manager component, and open the required window.
  3. Expand the Attributes tree, then add the attribute to the window.
  4. Expand the Properties grid for the attribute.
    In addition to the standard properties for the control, there are specific Date/Time properties:

    Date Time Range Operator – Specifies the type of check that is made when the timespan validation is carried out. The default is After.

    DateTime Range Attribute – Specifies the DateTime control that is to be used for the DateTime range validation. For example, you have two DateTime controls, one to record the start time and one to record the end time. When you add the Start Time, the Range Control you select would be the End Time.

    DateTime Display Type – Specifies if the DateTime control is to show DateTime, Date Only or Time Only. The default is DateTime. When you set a value for this property, other properties become available.

    Date CheckBox/Time CheckBox – Specifies if the Date/Time control is to display the check box (allowing a blank time to be set). If you set this to True, then another property appears:

    Date Checkbox Checked/Time Checkbox Checked – Specifies whether the check box is checked by default.

    ShortDate Format – Specifies whether you want to use the short date format of dd/mm/yyyy, or the long date format of dd/month/yyyy. For example, you can choose between 20/09/2016, or 20 September 2016. The default is True (that is show ShortDate Format). Select False if you want to display the long date type.
  5. Set the required properties, then click .