Adding the Effectiveness control to a window

You can add an Effectiveness control to the Article window so that users can indicate whether or not a knowledge article has been useful. You can also add the Effectiveness attribute to the Article window to show the overall effectiveness for that article.

An Article must be submitted and approved before the effectiveness is applied.

For more information about Knowledge Management, see the Knowledge Management Guide.

To add the Effectiveness control to the Article window:
  1. From the Business Objects tree of Window Manager, open the Article window.
  2. Expand the Attributes tree, and add Effectiveness to the window.
  3. Save the changes you have made.

In the Ivanti Console, the Effectiveness control is displayed as a list box, from which users can select either Useful or Not useful. In Web Access, buttons labeled Yes and No appear alongside the Effectiveness attribute's label. We recommend that you change the Effectiveness label to Was this article useful? or similar.