Adding a browser control to a window

You can add a browser control to a window so that a specific web page is displayed when a user sees that window. Although browser controls display successfully in Web Access, you cannot display web sites where the publisher of the content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame, for example Google.

To add a browser control to a window:
  1. In the Window Manager, open the required window.
  2. Expand Controls tree.
  3. Add Browser to your window and position it as required.
  4. With the control selected, expand the Properties grid.
  5. Alongside the URL property, type the URL of the web page that you want to appear. For example:

You can choose to display scroll bars, by selecting True alongside the Show Scrollbars property.

  1. Save the changes that you have made, then on the Actions list, click Test Window. You can see the browser appearing within your window.
  2. Click End Test to return to the Window Editor.
  3. Save the changes you have made.

You can add a browser control to a window to enable you to add an image to a window. To make the maintenance and use of this easier, you can use the SystemPath for Browser Control System Setting to specify a default system path to the location where you store the files that you want to display in the browser controls.
For example, if you have a file called user.jpg in a subfolder on your Framework folder called CommonImages, set the SystemPath for Browser Control property to:
and in the Url box for the window, type: