Creating an attribute to add to a window

When designing a window, you may find that an attribute that you want on the window, has not been created. You can create an attribute from within the Window Manager component (in addition to the Object Designer component). When you have created this attribute, it is automatically added to the current window.

To add an attribute using the Attribute Creation Wizard:
  1. In the Window Manager component, open the required window.
  2. On the Actions list, click Create New Attribute.
    The Attribute Creation Wizard starts.
  3. Complete the required information.

If you click in a field, help text appears at the bottom of the wizard page to help you complete the required information.

  1. Click Next.
    The Set Data Type Page appears. On this page, the values you need to specify change, depending upon the Data Type that you select. Again, help text is provided at the bottom of the wizard page.
  2. Click Next.
    The Set Boolean Values page appears. On this page, you specify whether you want the attribute to be included in the Audit Trail, and whether you want the attribute to have privileges related to it.
  3. Click Finish.
    The attribute is created and you can add it to the window, and position it as required.