Maintaining related objects from a process window

By setting the Show Hyperlink property in Window Manager to True for the label of a related object on a process window (such as the Raise User label on the Incident window), you can provide a hyperlink on the window that analysts can use to create or update a related object. This could enable analysts to create new user records while logging an incident, for example.

By default, the related object is opened using the component that is specified in the Editor Type property in Object Designer. However, for users, you can also set a SubClass Type in Window Manager so that you can create a specific type of user from a process window.

To enable the creation of a specific type of user from a process window:
  1. In Object Designer, make sure that the Editor Type property for System\User is blank.
  2. In Window Manager, open the required process window.
  3. Select the label control for the user, then expand the Properties grid.
  4. In the Properties grid, set Show Hyperlink to True, and in the SubClass Type list, select the required sub-class for the object.
  5. Click to save the window design.
    The appropriate user window will appear when you click the hyperlink on the window.