Adding multi-select list boxes to a window

Multi-select list boxes enable you to select many items from a list of items on a linking business object.

For example, you could create a reference list of Regions and create a Linking Business Object between Region and Account Manager. You can then add a Multi-select List Box to the Account Manager window, which would then enable you to associate multiple regions with each account manager.

For information about creating reference lists, see Creating new reference lists. For information about Linking Business Objects, see Linking unlinked business objects.

To add a multi-select list box to a window:
  1. In Window Manager, open the required window, then display the Controls tree.
  2. In the Controls tree, select Multi-select List Box, then click the window design.
    A Multi-select List Box is added to the window.
  3. Position the control as required, and drag its edges to resize it.
  4. From the Controls tree, add a Label control to use with the list.
  5. Click the multi-select list box on the window design, then display the Properties grid.
  6. In the Properties grid, select the required linking business object from the Attribute list in the Mapping group.
    This sets the linking object that is used to populate the list.

For performance reasons, not all attributes are available for selection in the Mapping group. For example, on the Configuration Item window you cannot choose Configuration Item Groups, Configuration Item Roles, Customer Configuration Items, or the User Configuration Items collection.

  1. For lists with many entries, set the PageSize property to specify after how many records in the list a paging control is added.
  2. Save the window design.

You can use the multi-select list boxes in Workspaces, Web Access and the Console. In each case, you can select items from the drop-down multiple times. Each time you select an item, it is added to the list beneath the drop-down. To remove an item from the list of selected items, click the cross alongside the item.