Text wrapping on Web Access windows

Windows in Web Access are based on a grid layout to optimize the use of the space available in a browser: this enables the fields to change size as the browser window changes size. As a result, Web Access windows look different in a browser from how they look in Window Manager.

If you add a label control to a window in the same column as an input control, the text in the label will wrap to the width of the input control. You can also use the HTML <br> tag to force a line break.

Labels on windows in Web Access do not usually wrap onto a second line, even if the label control in Window Manager makes it look as though this is the case. To force a line break in a label on a Web Access window, add the HTML tag <br> at the location where you want the line break to occur.

For example the label:

A very<br>long label

in Web Access will appear as:

A very
long label

The <br> tag will not appear in Web Access, but does appear in Console. You can create separate window designs for Console and Web Access, and control which is displayed using a View.