Adding versioned CIs to a Change or Task

You can add CIs to a Change or Task. If you add a managed CI to a Change or Task, then you can also create a future version for that CI.

The Change or Task must contain the Add Configuration Item action within its process design. For information about using processes, see the Web Desk User Guide. For information about designing processes, see the Designer Guide.

To add a CI to a Change or Task:
  1. Open the required Change or Task, then save it to view the relevant actions.
  2. In the Actions list, click Add Configuration Item.
    The Add Configuration Item window appears.
  3. In the Available Items list, expand the relevant folders, then double-click the CIs that you want to add to the Change or Task.
    These items appear listed in the Selected Items list.

You can add or remove selected CIs from the Selected Items list by clicking or respectively.

If you select a managed CI that has existing future versions, a dialog appears asking if you want to view the pending future versions. Click Yes to open the CI Management window and display the CI with a list of versions. Click No to add the configuration item to the Selected Items list. Click Cancel to abandon the selection.

  1. Click OK to add the selected CIs to the Change or Task.

If the CI has no version or is automatically versioned, then the selected items disappear from the Add Configuration Item window and appear in the Change Tree or Task Tree.

  1. If the CI is a managed version, then a window appears for the selected CI, enabling you to create a future (final) version.

You cannot modify the current version in the left pane. You can modify the future version in the right pane.

  1. Modify the Final Version if required, then click OK.
    The Change or Task Tree updates with the selected CIs.

To detach the CI, select it in the Change Tree or Task Tree, then on the Actions list, click Detach Configuration Item.