Automatic version control

If you use automatic version control, you cannot specify that a CI is a specific version. Any changes made to a CI automatically forces an increment in version number. This is particularly useful if you import CI information from an external source, such as from a desktop management system.

Any CIs that are imported use only automatic version control. You cannot use managed version control for these items.

To create a new version of a CI using automatic version control:
  1. Start the Configuration Management component.
  2. Open the required CI.
  3. Make the required changes, then click .
    A new version is created and details of the attributes under version control appear on the Versions tab of the CI window.

When you first display the Versions tab, the versions are ordered by the version rank. However, you can change the sort order by clicking the required column header. To redisplay the list ordered by version rank, click the header of the Rank column.