Creating windows for CIs

When you have created the required business objects for your CI types, you need to create a window for each of these business objects using Window Manager. For more detailed information about designing and creating windows, see the Designer Guide.

If you have a managed CI, you also need to create a window for the version information. For example, when you create a CI to use managed version control, a version business object is automatically created. You then need to create a window for this business object. For more information about managed version control, see Managed version control.

To create a window for a CI:
  1. Start the Window Manager component.
  2. On the Business Objects tree, expand the Configuration Management folder, then select the required business object.

Unlike in Object Designer, the CI type objects are not under the Configuration Item object, but are at the top level.

  1. On the Actions list, click New Window.
  2. Type a name for the window, then press Enter.
  3. Expand the Attributes tree ().
  4. Add the required attributes, categories, relationships and so on to the window.

If you are creating a window for a managed CI, you must mark the versionable attributes as read only. When you want to make changes to a managed CI, you must first create a future version, and then make that future version the current version.

  1. Click .