Creating custom relationship types

You can create any number of relationship types to define the linking between CIs.

To create a new relationship type:
  1. Start the CI Structure component.
  2. Expand the Relationship Types tree.
  3. On the Actions list, click New Relationship Type.
    The Relationship Type property grid appears.
  4. Complete the required properties:
    Title – A meaningful title for the relationship.
    Notify Parent – Indicates whether the parent CI is notified when a change is made to the child CI.
    Notify Child – Indicates whether the child CI is notified when a change is made to the parent CI.
    Unique – Indicates whether this relationship is unique.
    Impact – Indicates whether this relationship is used within impact analysis to identify the impact of a change on the related items.
    Grouping – Enables you to show how many other items using the relationship will be affected by the change.
    Line Color – The color of the line on the CI structure diagram. It is important to specify different colors for different relationship types, as this is the color of the arrows used on the CI structure view, and you need to be able to distinguish the different relationship types easily within the structure.
  5. Click .

You can rename a relationship type using the Rename Relationship Type action.

You can delete a relationship type using the Delete Relationship Type action. Note that if the relationship type is used within the CI structure, you cannot delete it. This applies not only to the current version of a CI, but on past versions too (for example, on snapshots).

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