Enabling version control

You enable version control for the different CI types, or for all CIs, using Object Designer. You can then specify which attributes for each CI type are under version control.

To enable version control:
  1. In the Business Objects tree of Object Designer, select the object for the required CI type.
  2. In the Properties grid, under Version Control, set Performs Versioning? to True.
    Another property, Type of Versioning, becomes available.
  3. Set the Type of Versioning property to the required value:
    Automatic increments whenever an attribute under version control on the CI is updated
    Managed requires a future version of the CI to be created before the attributes under version control can be changed
  4. Click .
    The object is saved, and you can now specify which attributes for the CI type you want to place under version control.
  5. In the Attributes tree, select the attribute that you want to place under version control, then in the Properties grid, set Attribute under version control? to Version controlled.
  6. Repeat for any other attributes as required and save the changes.