Scheduling linking

As you may have a large number of CIs within your database, linking items together can take some time, you can schedule when the linking takes place by creating and scheduling linking rules.

To schedule CI Linking Rules:
  1. In the CI Structure component, expand the Auto Relationship Rules tree.
  2. On the Actions list, click New Schedule.
  3. On the Auto Relationship Rules tree, type a name for the schedule.
    The Schedule window appears.
  4. Select the time at which you want the schedule to run and how often you want it to run.
  5. On the Actions list, click New Folder, then name the folder as required.
  6. From the CI Items tree, drag the CI that you want to link many items onto your new folder, and continue as you would for setting up standard linking rules.

For more information abut linking rules, see CI Structure rules-based relationships.

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