Viewing the impact of a CI change

To view the impact of a CI change:
  1. Start CI Structure.
  2. Click the CI Structure Views tree, then expand the Structure Views folder and double-click the view that contains the specific CI.
    The structure view appears.
  3. On the diagram, select the relevant CI.

To find a specific CI, click on the toolbar, then specify the name of the CI in the Find dialog. You may also find it easier to locate specific CIs if you turn off the display of the relationship types. This hides the colored lines of the structure view. You may also choose to display just a specific type of CI. You can do both of these by clearing the relevant check boxes in the Display Filters tree. The options you set for display filters are saved with the structure view.

  1. On the Actions list, click Show Impact to view the Impact window.

You can view the impact in three ways, as a diagram, as a tree view or in a flat list.

You can right-click to search for specific CIs. For more information, see CI Structure rules-based relationships.

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