Maintaining categories and sub-categories

To create a category or a sub-category:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the Categories tree.
    A list of existing category types appears.
  2. Select the relevant category type folder, for example Change Category, then on the Actions list, click New Change Category.
    The Category window appears.
  3. Complete the relevant details, then click .
    The new category appears in the Category Tree below its parent category type.

You can create any number of sub-categories, depending upon the level of detail required. To create a sub-category, right-click the relevant category or sub-category, then click New Change Category.

You can move categories by dragging them to new locations in the Categories tree. However, you cannot drag categories between modules or category types (for example, you cannot drag an Incident Closure category into the Incident Resolution branch).

If you want to delete a category, you must first delete all of its sub-categories. Deleting obsolete categories and sub-categories from the database prevents users from selecting them by mistake within your processes.