Reference lists

Reference lists enable you to create lists of similar items that do not have a hierarchy, such as titles, colors or languages.

Some reference lists are provided by default. You can create new reference lists by creating a new business object with the Behavior set to Reference using the Object Designer. You then need to design a window for the new object using the Window Manager to enable you to populate the new list.

For information about creating objects and windows for reference lists, see the Designer Guide.

Populating a reference list

You use the Administration component to populate the items in the reference list.

To create a reference list:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the Reference Lists tree:
  2. Select the folder of the required reference type, for example Location, then on the Actions list, click New Location.
    The Reference List window appears.
  3. Type the relevant information, then click .

You can also delete or modify the listed reference list items using the Actions list.