Ordered lists: severities, urgencies and priorities

When an analyst logs a process, they can assign a severity, urgency and priority to the process, or to tasks within the process. These are examples of ordered lists.

For information about creating other ordered lists, see the Designer Guide.

Severities rank the business impact of the process or task. They determine the significance of the issue to the business. Urgencies rank how immediately a process or task must be done.

Together, severities and urgencies help you to determine the priority of the process or task. Priorities establish the order of importance. They determine which processes and tasks take precedence over others.

Populating an ordered list

You create and maintain severities, urgencies and priorities using the Ordered Lists tree in the Administration component.

Ordered lists are displayed according to rank as opposed to alphabetically. Once you have created your ordered list, you can move the items up or down accordingly.

The following procedure tells you how to create a Priority. You create other ordered lists in the same way, however, the terminology used in the Actions list will change.

To create a severity, urgency or priority:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the Ordered Lists tree:
  2. Select the relevant folder, for example, Priority, then on the Actions list, click New Priority.
    The Priority window appears.
  3. Complete the relevant details, then click .

To delete a priority, select it, then on the Actions list, click Delete Priority. Similarly, if you want to modify a priority, select it, then on the Actions list, click Modify Priority.

Understanding severities, urgencies and priorities