Creating an ALM connection type

Creating an ALM connection type is slightly different from other connection types.

To create a connection type for ALM:
  1. In the Data Connections tree, select the ALM connection, then on the Actions list, click New Connection Type.
    A new connection type appears beneath the ALM connection, and the property grid changes.
  2. Type a name for the connection type, then press ENTER.
  3. In the Properties grid, alongside Table Name click .
    The Available Classes dialog appears.
  4. Select the required ALM class, then click OK.
    The remaining properties are completed.
  5. In the Properties grid, alongside Available attributes click .
    The Select Attribute dialog appears.
  6. Use and to move items between the Available Objects and Selected Object lists.
    The items in the Selected Objects list will be made available to Service Desk or Asset Manager.
  7. Click the attribute Title, Description and Size (object field length) to modify them as required, then click OK.
    The dialog closes.
  8. Click to save the changes to the connection type.